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Technical Services

Helping Companies of All Sizes Remain Compliant and Meet Repair Deadlines

Finding reliable engine service partners at reasonable prices is difficult, The choices range from OEM’s which are expensive and often not responsive to the specific needs of the client, to local “engine guys” who are inexpensive but provide questionable quality of workmanship when repairs are performed.


Our Technicians

Our Hyundai Heavy Industries Certified Technicians specialize in HIMSEN engines. We also have certified technicians, for MAN B&W, Sulzer, Mitsubishi, STX, Wartsila, Yanmar, and many more. 


Services are available for all major engine brands of large bore 2-stroke propulsion engines and 4-stroke medium speed engines. Services are provided by our authorized Hyundai service technicians. Services include Marine and Power Generation Engine Services, Marine Welding, Marine Specialty Machining, and several other services. 

Riding Crews are available to provide complete overhauls and perform repairs as required at sea, at anchor, at the pier, or in the shipyard. 

Our certified technicians will travel to our clients, however, we do have workshops in Los Angeles, Houston, China, and Singapore.







Engine Repair and Maintenance
(2 Stroke and 4 Stroke)

  • Major Component Overhauls and Reconditioning

  • Fuel Pump Timing

  • Fuel Valve and Fuel Pump Overhaul and Reconditioning

  • Camshaft Replacement and Timing Repair

  • Crankshaft Overhaul

  • Turbocharger Repair





Special Repairs, Inspections, and In-Place Machining

Special Repairs include but are not limited to:

  • Drilling, Honing, Journal Polishing and Cast Iron Welding
  • Precision Inspections, NDT, Roughness, Hardness, etc.
  • Steel/Structure Repair
  • Ladder Horn, Hatch Cove, Gangway, Piping

In-Place Machining

Machining of Landing Surface of Liners and Cylinder Heads on-site 

Machining of Exhaust Valve Pockets

  • Line Boring for Engine Cylinder Blocks and Bed Plates

  • Heat Treatment to Provide Stress Relief of Crankshafts and other Critical Components